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2014 Meeting Minutes

The campaign for 2014: "ZERO WASTE"

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2014 Meeting Notes

Agenda December 3, 2014: Highland Heights Green Task Force Business Meeting - YEAR END ELECTION OF OFFICERS

Judy called the meeting to order around 7:00.


Judy announced we have a quorum and can vote.

Financial Report

Judy provided the financial report


We are paid up through the end of 2016.


We voted to accept the Officers and Board of Directors on the slate.

Misc. Dues

  • 2014 Annual Report
  • 2014 Zero Waste Campaign
  • 2015 Clean Water Campaign
  • MHS Living Lab


We looked at sign up sheets with committee duties.

Agenda November 5, 2014: Green Vendors - HOLIDAY GIFT SALE

The Highland Heights Green Task Force hosted the first Holiday Gift Sale with 15 "green vendors" who offered a wonderful selection of items as alternatives to mass-produced products for gift giving for the holidays. The event was a great success and comments from the vendors and shoppers were all positive.


Judy provided an update on finances, little free library, Millridge garden, Attorney General Annual Report, Sustainable Cleveland Conference, Gazebo party, Fall Family Fest, restoration planting on Bishop near Hawthorne on Oct. 11, and the Boat Float. Speaker Deez Lincoln made a presentation on Reclaimed Cleveland, Rustbelt Reclamation where he is the founder and owner.

Agenda September 3, 2014: GAZEBO ZERO WASTE POTLUCK and 50/50 RAFFLE

We held the gazebo potluck and 50/50 raffle meeting. Judy reviewed the achievements of the year including freecycles, e-waste drives, financials, 501c3, zero waste campaign, little free library, Millridge garden, composting, fermented tea party, Greenwood Farm, Great Lake Boat Float, hazardous waste drive, shred day, Gates Mills Education Environmental Center Festival, and greening your holidays' program. Good food, great company, and wonderful weather!

Agenda August 6, 2014: Midsummer's Eve Social @ Greenwood Farm and the Creek

This was a joint meeting with Friends of Euclid Creek and Greenwood Farm Association. According to Claire Posius, 94 people signed attendance sheets. Judy covered the following.

Topics Covered

  • Our 501c3 application was accepted and granted
  • A thank you goes to all who helped at our 4th freecycle/e waste drive in June... best one yet with great press coverage... collected 1625 pounds of electronics... total for 4 approximately 5,000 pounds and the Highland Heights Community Day table
  • Little free library, Millridge garden, Great Lake Boat Float, fermented tea party on August 21
  • September 3 is our gazebo potluck with zero waste
  • Our upcoming project is the high school courtyard landscaping improvement

The speakers were Claire Posius and Dr. Larick.

Agenda June 4, 2014: HHGTF Business Meeting

GREEN BOOK CLUB, Book Reports, presenters...HHGTF members Judy provided an update on the upcoming freecycle event on June 22, community day on July 26, financial report, Millridge garden, the high school environmental club participating in the Lake Erie Boat Float, fermented tea party, compost demo, little free library, Gates Mills Spring Open House on May 9, Hillcrest Green Task Force, and August meeting to be with FOEC at Greenwood Farm. We then presented book reports.


Presenter: Mike Dungan, Director of Sales & Marketing in RES POLYFLOW, an Akron, OH based company.

Judy provided an update on finances, 501c3, Millridge garden, food composting, recycling, closing of GreenTech, upcoming events, future projects, and the June 4 book report meeting.

Thank you to Mike Dungan, Director of Sales and Marketing for providing the presentation about the Akron based RES Polyflow energy recovery process.

Agenda April 2, 2014: HOW TO WASTE LESS

Presenter: Judy Dearden, Pres. Highland Hts. Green Task Force

Judy Dearden updated the group on the HHGTF Board of Directors meeting and upcoming events and activities, distributed sign-up sheets, and made a presentation on ZERO WASTE, the HHGTF 2014 campaign. This was a well-attended program! Lots of audience participation and lots of laughs!

Agenda March 5, 2014: BUSINESS MEETING w/an update from the Mayfield High School Environmental Club students

Judy Dearden called the meeting to order with 24 attendees, and we covered the following.

Topics Covered

  • Recycle bin grant update for Mayfield schools and Highland Heights
  • Mayfield HS Environmental Club update - Students from the club reported on their efforts at community service at Metroparks, recycling awareness, sustainable energy efforts, and a biofuel project.
  • Freecycle proceeds of $60 came from selling leftover books to Half Price Books - we agreed to buy pizza with this money at the next freecycle.
  • Financial report
  • 501c3 update
  • Waste less program update
  • Gates Mills Environmental club open house in May
  • Green book reports will be the meeting in June
  • Freecycle/E-Waste drives will be June 22, Sunday, at the Highland Hts community park
  • Fermented tea party in August will be at Milroy's house
  • Greenwood Farms event on August 6 will be with Friends of Euclid Creek
  • Cook off - we discuss possible events and agreed during the week in Oct.-Dec., possibly on Meatless Monday, would be some options
  • Mayfield Hts. or Lyndhurst Home Days - are possible events where we could participate
  • Planet Aid update - the Operations Manager explained about the program

Agenda February 5, 2014: HHGTF Business Meeting

SUSTAINABLE CLEVELAND & the YEAR OF ZERO WASTE, presenter, Dr. Cathi Lehn, Sustainable Cleveland Coordinator

Judy called the meeting to order around 7:00 PM and covered the following topics:

Topics Covered

  • Financial Report
  • 501c3 application is almost complete and will be ready to submit soon
  • FREECYCLE/E-WASTE Drive that was held in January at Millridge Elementary School
  • FREECYCLE/E-WASTE Drive in June...we voted on June 22 for this 4th drive. We also discussed ideas for other types of FREECYCLES for the future.
  • Mayfield High School Environmental Club update
  • COOKING HEALTHY CLASSES w/ Leslie Elia...were a wonderful success...plans under consideration for future events centering around healthy eating and nutrition.
  • GREEN BOOK REPORTS will again be on our agenda for the June meeting...everyone should be considering what "green" book they might want to read.

Cathi Lehn took the floor and did a wonderful presentation that introduced us to the working groups, ideas on how to get involved and begin the celebration for 2014 and the Year of Zero Waste.

The HHGTF March meeting will be a general business meeting and an update from the students involved in the newly formed Mayfield High School Environmental Club.